Interdisciplinary Centrum for Radiosurgery

The concept iCERA

Therapeutic radiation has a long tradition in Medicine. But only recently technological progress has provided the tools to focus radiation almost entirely on the affected pathological tissue. The development towards an increasingly precise application of radiotherapy began in the brain, since it became clear that brain tissue should be protected from unnecessary radiation, whenever that was possible. Today there is an array of methods that allow applying radiation with extreme precision. This treatment form is “minimal invasive” and is called radiosurgery. In this surgery however, there are no cuts.

Technically, we rely on the Gamma Knife, when extreme precision is paramount and on the most recent linear accelerator when larger target have to be irradiated. But before all, we rely on long experience and on the continuous exchange of experience, on daily communication of highly trained physicians of all involved specialties.

The brain is complex and pathological conditions of the brain often require complex treatments. Frequently there is more than one solution to a problem, even more than one possible treatment, and mostly more than one possible technology. The optimal result requires an individual approach. We believe that we can contribute to achieve that.

Our neuro-radiologists help to identify the conditions of the brain, radiation oncologists assess all options for modern radiotherapy and our specially trained neurosurgeon is responsible for the application of Gamma Knife radiosurgery. All are involved in finding the best individual treatment for a specific condition of the brain, in benign or malignant tumors, in vascular malformations or pain syndromes. Continuous medical communication and consultations without thresholds weigh the use of the most recent radiosurgical technology against traditional methods of radiotherapy and open surgery. However, we do not operate ourselves, but cooperate closely with the Department of Neurosurgery at the Asklepios Hospital in Hamburg Altona with the option of all potential neurosurgical interventions and monitoring. Even here we share an exchange of experience on a regular weekly basis.

This is what we understand by the term “multi-disciplinary”. We do not believe in wonder-medicine, but we believe in quality of technology and in intense medical cooperation.